Cleo murdered her husband Hubert with a snake 3 years ago so she could cash in his insurance policy and live the life of riley. Although, recently whenever she's popped down to the basement to fetch a bottle of red, it feels a bit like someones watching her…

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Lego ancient Egypt framed diorama


Is that Hubert poking out from that elaborately decorated sarcophagus? Could he really be back from the dead? Is he a zombie? A zombie mummy? Is a zombie and a mummy the same thing? Oh for heaven's sake, this is turning into some kind of Big Bang Theory type debate now.

This picture contains rare and ancient Egyptian (Lego) treasure, Egyptian royalty (a collectable Lego series 5 Egyptian Queen), an EXTREMELY dangerous scorpion and a (possibly) dead husband.



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Dimensions 3.7 x 32 x 23 cm
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