December 6, 2016

DJ Storms in da HOUSE!

DJ Storms in da HOUSE!

There's a need to celebrate. So, whatcha looking for in a gift? Something noice, different, unusual?

Imagine the joyous look on young Machiavelli's little face when he opens a unique and slightly disturbing original Pictarama Lego diorama. Maybe it's the one with the Storm Troopers (Star Wars - so hot right now) or that one where you can see those cheeky penguins stealing fish.

What about the construction one for Mum because she's been out hammering noggins in all day long?

Sister Cherie - you know she secretly loves the occult. "OOoOoooOoooOo" - the spooky Ghostly Dales diorama would be right up her alley.

Science, crime, James Bond's cat, two folks in a canoe - there is something for everyone (even you - the one hiding under the bed).

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